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You Must Be Fucking Joking

Posted in Woo by rantymcrant on June 26, 2011

Apparently, some dozy pillocks have been using homeopathy for cows with mastitis. RSPCA, anyone?

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Clifford Miller and John Stone

Posted in Vaccination by rantymcrant on June 22, 2010

Clifford G Miller and John D Stone are a couple of anti-vaccine cranks. While Clifford Miller accuses others of running “parent bashing websites”, he and Stone run the baby-killing website misnamed Child Health Safety. I won’t link to it, because I don’t want to give that pair of cockends any more Google juice than they already have.

You can find out more about John Stone (AKA John D Stone, or Pluralist) by visiting either the site I have just linked to, or by clicking on the following link: John D Stone is a troll.

Here’s a post on the insight and intelligence of John D Stone: John Stone – clueless.

Here’s a quote from a comment on the Guardian website that sums up Clifford Miller and his grasp of statistics:

But Clifford back to your scant grasp of statistics and lines of best fit, what was it less than 1 in 55m risk of measles Clifford ?? Yes but of course you do realise don’t you Clifford that this is in a reasonably well vaccinated population, guess what happens when the vaccination frequency drops (well don’t guess have a look instead at what happened in Wales & Holland & Switzerland & whereever else there are vaccine refusniks)

So Clifford have a look at measles deaths in the UK before the first vaccine was introduced, sorry its not 10-15 / yr Clifford, it was 100 plus in a bad year plus probably 10-20 times that number of kids left with serious sequelae post measles.

Now Clifford you really ought to have learnt some statistical analysis in your BSc (Hons) Physics degree, can I suggest you look up the technique called “Interrupted time course analysis” its a very powerful, & standard, technique for checking the impact of altering a parameter unlike your line of best fit (was it calculated or by your jaundiced eye Clifford ?) blithely plotted through 100 plus years of data ignoring events, like a couple of world wars and the introduction of mass measles vaccination. Seriously Clifford 100+ kids were dying every year in the UK from measles in the 15-20 years prior to the introduction of the first vaccine, you claim to be intelligent try looking at the data with a little more critical intelligence.

I don’t want to spend time going into great detail in describing the activities of this duo, but suffice to say that they never properly answer a single point put to them, they rely on bullshit graphs they’ve produced and published themselves (without ever owning to the fact that they are doing so), and Miller specifically expressed boredom when told of deaths from measles.

Pair of cunts.

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New Blog – Evidence or STFU

Posted in Uncategorized by rantymcrant on May 10, 2010

There is a new blog on the internets, bearing the title “Evidence Or STFU“. Evidence or STFU always puts me in mind of the motto of the Royal Society, nullius in verba.

Determined not to accept appeals to authority, but to verify the facts, the Royal Society could scarcely have chosen a better motto than nullius in verba (“on the word of no-one”). Evidence or STFU as a phrase is, in my opinion, the bastard child of nullius in verba. Frankly, it should be used more often.

Litigious Wankers

Posted in Libel Laws by rantymcrant on April 28, 2010

Libel Reform in this country is long overdue. For too long now, wankers have tried to suppress criticism and dissent by suing (or threatening to sue) critics in England. (more…)

Homeopathy: It’s Bullshit

Posted in Woo by rantymcrant on April 12, 2010

It’s World Homeopathy Awareness Week and skeptics have been telling us what’s the harm from homeopathy, and posting amusing images such as this one.

The caption reads: “Homeopathy: Shit And Sugar”

I think that the shit in question is most likely of bovine origin – that is, I think that homeopaths are bullshitters. The Quackometer has written about bullshitters and mindfuckers and I have long thought that many homeopaths probably come into the category of bullshitter. The Quackometer, however, thinks that:

homeopaths are most definitely mindfuckers

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The Observer: Useless Twunts

Posted in Media by rantymcrant on July 5, 2009

They’ve done away with the seven day TV guide; the main news section is, with the exception of David Mitchell’s column, abysmal; and their quiz section frequently has the most ridiculously tenuous clues/answers in the “what links” part. (more…)

British Chiropractic Association

Posted in Libel Laws by rantymcrant on May 29, 2009

They prefer to sue rather than engage with critics. Morons. Don’t they realise that medicine progresses by debate and discussion of ideas? Would they prefer that we were stuck in the past, unable to learn from our mistakes? It seems that this is indeed the case. (more…)

The “Philosophy” Section of My Local Library

Posted in Libraries, Local Government by rantymcrant on May 28, 2009

FAIL. Massive, massive FAIL. The “philosophy and mind” section of my local library is packed with bullshit books about the evils of “Darwinism”, the usual religious bollocks, and celebrity-authored pap. Noel Fucking Edmonds has written a book called “Positively Happy”? Gah! My library stocks it in their “philosophy and mind” section? Gah… I can’t stand it! (more…)

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My Postman is Bloody Useless

Posted in Delivery, Postman by rantymcrant on May 28, 2009

I got home today and my post had been delivered. Unfortunately, so had the mail for next door. And next-door-but-one. I had to go round and redistribute the mail to the correct addresses. I don’t understand what is so hard about posting letters through the letterbox of the house that the letter is addressed to. I’m an amateur and I managed it okay, so why can’t my professional* postman manage it? Three letters for two different addresses get posted through my letterbox. What is the problem? Laziness? Incompetence? Both?

(*Note – I am using “professional” to mean “A person who earns his living from a specified activity” rather than “An expert”.)

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Gah! Bloody Trains!

Posted in Trains, Transport by rantymcrant on May 28, 2009

I would have thought that if a train was going to “blob” that the least the train company could do would be to make an announcement. Given the flashy new signs on the platform that announce the arrivals and the public address system they have you would have thought they’d use these tools to communicate with the public. Apparently not. (more…)

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