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The “Philosophy” Section of My Local Library

Posted in Libraries, Local Government by rantymcrant on May 28, 2009

FAIL. Massive, massive FAIL. The “philosophy and mind” section of my local library is packed with bullshit books about the evils of “Darwinism”, the usual religious bollocks, and celebrity-authored pap. Noel Fucking Edmonds has written a book called “Positively Happy”? Gah! My library stocks it in their “philosophy and mind” section? Gah… I can’t stand it!

I’m not sure what to do next – contact the library via a polite email/letter of complaint or buy a big van and turn it into a book-burning-mobile. Or perhaps I could get them under the trade descriptions act? There’s very little in the way of learned tomes on philosophy and far too fucking much in the way of inconsequential bullshit. Perhaps I should suggest they rename the section accordingly for the sake of accuracy. “Inconsequential Bullshit” would look pretty good as a shelf sign, in my opinion. Seriously – Noel Bastard Edmonds as a philosopher? I fucking weep.

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