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The Observer: Useless Twunts

Posted in Media by rantymcrant on July 5, 2009

They’ve done away with the seven day TV guide; the main news section is, with the exception of David Mitchell’s column, abysmal; and their quiz section frequently has the most ridiculously tenuous clues/answers in the “what links” part.

Today, one of the questions was ‘what connects an Italian football team with a trade union song and 1649-1660’. The answer was that the words all begin with “inter” (Inter Milan, Internationale, and Interregnum). That is fucking weak. Almost homeopathically weak, in fact.

EDIT: I’ve also noticed more errors than usual in this week’s Observer. Here are two on facing pages in the news section: “any many ways” instead of ‘in many ways’ and “edito r” instead of ‘editor’. It’s almost as if the Observer itself doesn’t have an editor. Useless twunts.


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  1. Etan said, on October 11, 2009 at 5:52 am

    What about venting at Muttr.com ? Seems to be growing pretty quickly… It allows the user to speak freely and say whatever is on their mind, anonymously, and it feels great doing so!

    Muttr is straight to the point, simple, eye pleasing, and extremely easy to use. It will remain my choice for quite some time now! Trust me there’s plenty of things I will always need to vent about lol.

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