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Litigious Wankers

Posted in Libel Laws by rantymcrant on April 28, 2010

Libel Reform in this country is long overdue. For too long now, wankers have tried to suppress criticism and dissent by suing (or threatening to sue) critics in England.

I for one was delighted to see the notorious onanist Richard Desmond lose his case against Tom Bower. However, it is worth noting that Philip Cowan thinks Dirty Desmond may have been the winner in the long run. Fellow tosser Alisher Usmanov, too, was relatively successful in this attempt at legal chill:

A number of UK bloggers, including the Tory London Mayoral Candidate Boris Johnson, had their blogs taken down by their ISP […] following threats of legal action by Uzbek billionaire and major Arsenal shareholder Alisher Usmanov.

Craig Murray went so far as to title a blog post The Convicted Criminal Alisher Usmanov in December 2009. In this blogpost, Murray listed several individuals who had threatened to sue. Appropriately, a commenter refers to these individuals as a “bunch of tossers”.

In healthcare, the jerk-offs known as the British Chiropractic Association sued popular science writer Simon Singh and walked straight into a shitstorm of criticism. Up yours BCA! Chiropractors fit in particularly well here, as not only are they (globally) litigious – google Frizzell and Chiropractic to see but one example – but they are also named after the Greek words for “hand” and “action”. How very appropriate.

Also in healthcare, total tosspots NMT Medical sued Dr Peter Wilmshurst. Allowing Wilmshurst to speak freely would, in my opinion, be in the best interests of patients and it is a sad day when a man such as Dr Wilmshurst is dragged through the courts and threatened with financial ruin for stating his opinions on the results of a trial.

Then there’s Principle Healthcare, who attempted to silence the Lay Scientist. Although this was an attempt that failed miserably.

In fact, libel laws are so broken in this country that even fictional threats of lawsuits make reference:

This episode will reportedly not be shown on the UK channel Paramount Comedy 1, as it is believed that Tom Cruise has threatened to sue. This threat was alluded to in the episode itself when Cruise shouted at Stan “I’ll sue you in England!”. Link

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